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Ultra Ring

14KX1 white gold. A 4.68ct Zircon from Tanzania cut by Jean-noel at topnotchfaceting, 6 2mm Diamonds, 4 1.5mm Diamonds, 2 1.6mm purple Sapphires and 1 2mm color change Garnet. This ring has 32 individual inlays consisting of 24k Gold and fine silver.



 Not a cloud in the sky today folks!!!  What’s your favorite?? Left- Meteorite with AAA Ruby or silver 18ky gold and Purple Sapphire and Lavender Spinel  #adamgarretjewelry #portlandjewelry #customjewelry #meteorite #goldandsilver #oneofakindjewelry both are Available  ‼️love my new sunset view:)    Safety is my goal?!? Lol  Progress shot on a new piece I’ve been working on. #adamgarretjewelry #handengraving #grs #lindsayengraver  Yo check out the meteorite bracelet my mom made!!! looks like it’s available    Here’s a nice photo showcasing the Red Zircon @topnotchfaceting cut that I used in my Ultra ring. Couple fun facts for you, it took about 88 hours to make and engrave this ring and it had 32 separate 24k gold / silver inlays🤓🧐🤙  Found an awesome photo of me and my dad the other day!! Love you pops!!  Graffiti letter pendants and charms that I created in my own handstyle. 3 sizes to choose from shown in the letter Z. Stainless steel - sm $15, med, $20, lrg $25. I’ll be bringing some to @emissions_festival if you wanna get some🤙 or I can ship next week   This was the the first Teleportal Key I made, which paved the way for an awesome new style. Circa 2013🤙    I’ve only made this design once..... thinking of doing a new rendition of it. Who would cop it?