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 Tripy wall man! I forget what crew did this or where in the bay this is but came across it in my photos and had forgotten to share it.   @beeple_crap for the win. Truth is blunt.  White gold Diamonds and a beautiful Tanzanite. Collaboration between my mother and myself. Thanks for looking   What a beautiful evening view  #NeverSummer knows whats up  1969s double die??? Whats your thoughts.... this is the only part on the coin thats doubled  What did the crow say to the other crow? Motherfuck its smoky out here!?! Cawcaw  Loved this meteorite pendant!!    Woah, definitely dope to see a well known producer/DJ that youve followed and purchased music from for quite a number of years!! Got some heavy hitters on vinyl! Big ups @freqnasty thanks for the love