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store. Each piece below is hand-made by Adam Garret.

“Don’t trim your dreams away” -Adam Garret

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 Definitely one of the largest pieces I've seen in person. Truly massive  Took a friends logo and came up with this double sided stainless steel pendant. Was around 3"x3". Inlaid with 24k and fine silver. Around 70 hours of work went into just the actual creating cheers    Here we have the bail and im playing with the body layers  Something new i busted out over the weekend that iSilver with 24 karat gold inlay is featuring beautiful sapphire set in my vortex Setting. Dm me for more details.  Progress on my dope piece from @salemtattoos !!  @outsidelands @apexer    One of my favorite pieces I've made for some reason, even though its not the most complicated or blinged out. I guess its the complex cleanliness or something...... thanks for looking  Stoked to get some ink on the 10th with this tattoo machine that I engraved, from my buddy @salemtattoos at his shop @eyeofthetigertattoo in Sf. I spent over 77 hours on this bad boy so im pretty set for a while with ink time  Respect to a legendary artist on his birthday 🤙. Made this a few years back now, pretty epic @roseroadskojima glass cab set in sterling with 22k&18k components, a @johndyergems citrine, specertine garnet, & blue sapphires. In a private collection