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Sacred Scroll Tag —- Series 1.0


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This Silver Dog-Tag is a cast piece off of Adam’s one of a kind/hand engraved piece and has been oxidized to show contrast. This is a double sided piece.



 Now that’s a back piece!! If don’t already know who @russabbott is yet.... boom, your welcome!  Double sided stainless steel pendant with 24k and fine silver inlays.....    Late night design vibes 🤓 really looking forward to a new and bountiful new year:) blessings to all that have supported my art  And for those who have a bit more to spend, I have these wonderful choices for him and her.  happy holidays  Hey friends! Here are some last minute presents most of which are under 150$ and can be shipped tomorrow  cheers  White gold and diamonds. From 2012. Engraved in the luminesc style:) thanks for looking  A turkeys gonna do, what a turkeys gonna do. He must have hung out up there for at least two hours until the fedex guy came. Funny thing is he was with a group of at least seven more and they were just hanging out on top of the fence but he was the only one up on my car, thank God.  Hand engraved steel tattoo machine frame done as a trade for the homie @salemtattoos. This piece also features 24k gold and fine silver inlays. Took me about 77 hours to engrave this bad mamba jamba. Thanks for looking 🤙