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Adam Garret Hood



This hood is a collaboration piece between Lesser Space and Adam Garret. If features a very nice cool blend of blues with a mandala center piece made from images of some of Adam’s amazing jewelry work. I suggest you check out some of his work he is one of the best jewelry makers in the world currently. He creates hand engraved intricacies that shimmer with perfection. Lesser Space did a wonderful job bringing this one to life.

All of our hoods are made with a 4 way stretch polyester for the print area and an ultra comfortable velour to hug your cranium. Each hood also comes equipped with a zippered stash pocket on the inside of one of the two dangles. They also have button fasteners on the bottom of the dangles so you can wear it a number of different ways. Just like the rest of our products, these hoods are hand made in Oakland California in our production facility. As always stay classy, stay fresh and Lvl Up ERRY DAY!



 Hand engraved meteorite with a custom made meteorite bail. Holler if you wanna have something dope like this made!!!  My son and I 8 years ago!! Damn how time flies!  Hey friends!! Check out this awesome Christmas door that my love and I designed and put together for a door decoration contest in my building to win 500$ off my next months rent!! Any love would be greatly appreciated!! Cheers and happy new year!! @noble23 @metamorphixlove @broadstonetempo #broadstonetempo #yuletideseason #2020    #Broadstonetempo #gratitude #2020 #tempopdx #blessings  Sold!!!  Escher’s Dream is available at a very reasonable price for the amount of time that this piece took to make. Dm me for more info:) cheers and happy holidays to ya!! #adamgarretjewelry #portlandjewelry  What a brunch and awesome Christmas  present from my love!  Wishing you all a merry Christmas and happy holidays from Portland!!! Feeling very blessed to have the life I do and to be able to create such beautiful things!! Cheers to y’all!!    Hey friends, there’s still time to swoop up this piece just in time for Christmas!! Holler! 600$ shipped  Vibes....  Kittens with whiskers, Chocolate nips and powder are my favorite things   New new!! Dm for details  Had a little time to bust this out for the Holidays!! Sterling silver, Tsavorite Garnet in 18ky, 24k inlay in the silver star and solid 18ky beads. Holler!! Cheers and Happy Holliday’s!! #adamgarretjewelry #customdogtag #silverjewelry #handengravedjewelry