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   I’ve only made this design once..... thinking of doing a new rendition of it. Who would cop it?    Yo what up!!! guess what I found digging through some drawers tonight!! Super old stock silver Graffiti “*LOVE*”pendants and one of my Super Star pendants also in silver!!! Super affordable and ready for you!! Swoop these before it’s too late cause I don’t even make these anymore!!! #ilovegraffiti #love #handmade #customjewelry #adamgarretjewelry #thanksandyourewelcome  Happy Mother’s Day to the most inspirational and motivated people I’ve ever had the pleasure to live, train and be in the room with:) Collaboration with my mom obviously @mary_ann_archer!!! We both carved this ring and I set the stones and engraved it. White gold, Diamonds, Californian Tourmaline and blue Topaz:) cheers  The soldier in me? Art in my building made out of toy soldiers  Meteorite and Ruby make a great combo in my opinion. What’s yours?? I got another piece that I was gonna do, but with a Tsavorite. Cheers #adamgarretjewelry #meteorite #ruby #customjewelry #portlandjewelry #handengraved #grs #lindsayengraver  Here’s the other side:) this pattern is supposed to be disintegrating. Size 9 1/2. Available for 800  Some details on this citrine ring that I collaborated on with my mom:)  Here’s another cool older piece. Black onyx with a natural druzy pocket sculpted by Steve walters set in 18k with Diamonds:)  Found a trove of old photos. Here’s a beautiful Pietersite set in white gold with deep relief hand engraving:) made this back in 2011 or so. Cheers  New studio vibes!! Hello Portland!! Big ups to @paulbartnikdesigns for facilitating this studio with my new studio mate Andrrew and hosting me for a whole month until I found a place to live!! So much love ❤️ Feels so damn good to be back on the bench!! #portland #customjewelry #adamgarretjewelry  Standout from the crowd with this unique hand engraved style called Luminesc. Just about got my new studio up and running so I have opened up more custom spots on my list. Please contact me for more info and let’s make your bridal jewelry be truly one of a kind!!  So I just pulled up to my new place in Portland look to the left of me and wouldn’t you know it. Boom!!! a big ol 23 staring right at me and it’s right outside my window!! I’m definitely where I was supposed to be  #themagicof23 #23life #23forever #portland23 #adamgarretjewelry #portlandjewelry #customjewelry