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 An older one owned by the one and only @lesserspace #customerappreciation #bigupshomie #onelovebrotha  Relaxing like a boss ~ @Mr.Pickles._.iam  Merry Christmas everyone!!!! Here’s one of two brand new custom tags I recently finished that are available. This one features 1 Pariaba Tourmaline, 1 white diamomd, 6 Black diamonds and four purple Sapphires on the reverse side:)  Blessings on Blessings on Blessings Always an honor to see the homie and introduce him to the now newly dubbed @Mr. Pickle$ feel free to following his amazing journey  Caution cute factor to the max!! Meet Bowie out newest member of the family:) #pomchi #cutenessoverload #lover  A recent collaboration between my mother and I. 14 karat X1 gold, a .33ct Jubilant crown diamond, purple sapphires and Tsavorites. Available exclusively at Mary Ann Archer Jewerly in Harbor Springs @arrow230  A beautiful morning in Northern California with @chocolategun    Hopping for green trees and blue sky's soon! #mendosburning #godsavethetrees #darkagesinwillits #safefornow  New Mexican princess #505 #love @samagram12  Definitely one of the largest pieces I've seen in person. Truly massive  Took a friends logo and came up with this double sided stainless steel pendant. Was around 3"x3". Inlaid with 24k and fine silver. Around 70 hours of work went into just the actual creating cheers    Here we have the bail and im playing with the body layers