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 Going to use this and upcoming project.. where the blue is, it’s going to be inlayed 24 karat gold✌  Still got these two smalls left. Left one is 275 and the Damascus one with a purple sapphire is 195. Holler  Gotta love Oakland  14kx1 Handengraved in the Luminesc style created by @master_engraver engraved by me:). Size 10 Available    Engraved from a @coreydivine tattoo.    Do yourself a favor and watch this episode and this whole series honestly. The most eye opening in my opinion. If you’re not into it that’s fine,do you, but in time I believe everyone will see the truth. #thetruthwillsetyoufree  Holler!! You know you wanna rock this bad boy!!    Hey guys check out these cool meteor cufflinks that my mom made! Contact @arrow23 for more details. These would go perfect with that pendant I just made  Really happy with the outcome. Hope you enjoy it as well. Dm for more details:) cheers  Back in 2013 The Harbinger started it all!