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 Cleaned by nature-ready for your neck cheers  Went all the way to Amsterdam!! Big ups to @wakinglazarus for the support   Brightness!  Completely made by my hands! Sterling silver 23mm plugs with Custom cut meteorite/turquoise center stones, white and champagne diamonds on the N,S,E,W points. All hand engraved with 24k inlay. These are nfs but hit me up to get a pair custom made just for you!! Cheers  Available tags. #adamgarretjewelry #dogtagjewelry #damascus #handengraved #oneofakind #portlandjeweler  Hey whats up my people, got this new line of phone holders that are a collaborative project between me and @foxtailjewelry who designed and made them and I hand engraved them!! They work as a phone stand and holder so ya dont drop your phone!! Heavy weigh and durable, with three colors available:) get yours now for $195  cheers  Cutting deals on this piece and others this week!!! Holler for the hookup!!   An older piece I did wit a full meteorite backplate with gold inlay purple Sapphires, my gator gold, Tanzanite trillion, diamond and a beautiful emerald crystal ;) holler if you wanna have something fun like this made  Inspiration is everywhere!  Giving a huge 6 month happy anniversary and shout out to my love who has been there through the hardest times and the best of times and has stuck by why side without wavering one bit!!! This woman has taught me immensely how to live life again without any crutches, guided me into a spiritual path with love kindness, respect and honor and I owe her more than one can express! Dearest Iris thanks for being so beautiful, awesome and a true friend and lover! I love you with my whole heart    That one time I engraved a tattoo machine for @salemtattoos  Cooking up some new heat  Sure would love to find this piece a great home!!  Hey whats up my peeps!! Got something hot for ya!! First ever double geometric tag by me with diamonds, Tsavorites and purple Sapphires!! Hand engraved with a design made by the famous @cassadybell !! This is ready to find a great home!! Dm for details cheers and thanks for looking  The other side