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 Loved this meteorite pendant!!    Woah, definitely dope to see a well known producer/DJ that you’ve followed and purchased music from for quite a number of years!! Got some heavy hitters on vinyl! Big ups @freqnasty thanks for the love🤙      Visiting My fifteen year old son in South Carolina!!! He’s as tall as me  When it rains in color  New ring in the works for my roommate!  DIAM  Going to use this and upcoming project.. where the blue is, it’s going to be inlayed 24 karat gold✌  Still got these two smalls left. Left one is 275 and the Damascus one with a purple sapphire is 195. Holler  Gotta love Oakland  14kx1 Handengraved in the Luminesc style created by @master_engraver engraved by me:). Size 10 Available    Engraved from a @coreydivine tattoo.