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Adam Garret Custom Jewelry Maker and Engraver


began his professional career in jewelry after receiving his bachelor’s degree in industrial design from The Art Institute of Colorado in Denver. Born in Santa Fe, he moved to Michigan in 2007 when he joined forces with his mother, Mary Ann Archer at her Harbor Springs store and began his total immersion in the fine art of jewelry making and hand engraving. It was the diverse disciplines that incorporate industrial design which have made it easy for him to transfer into the world of a jeweler. His natural ability and attention for detail has especially helped him become a skilled hand engraver and stone setter in a rather short span of time.
In late 2013 he moved to the Bay Area to create his own design studio and carve his own path in the jewelry world. Since his move, Adam has collaborated with other Bay Area jewelry artists creating one of a kind piece’s that are highly sought after. He has also been putting more focus on progressing his engraving and design skills, pushing the limits with his current body of work. Presently Adam enjoys designing and making unique and complex hand engraved pendants, which are hand fabricated with custom stones and often incorporate hand engraving that features 24KY gold, fine silver, copper and even palladium inlay.

“I love the design and movement that engraving offers a piece of jewelry.

It’s fluid and yet enduring and gives movement to an otherwise non moving object”.

He is also interested in bringing other design elements such as Polynesian and sacred geometry into the mix with the classic scroll and leaf patterns of centuries, to create beautiful pieces of wearable art.

Scroll Tag - Custom dog tag engraved and set by Adam Garret






 Standout from the crowd with this unique hand engraved style called Luminesc. Just about got my new studio up and running so I have opened up more custom spots on my list. Please contact me for more info and let’s make your bridal jewelry be truly one of a kind!!  So I just pulled up to my new place in Portland look to the left of me and wouldn’t you know it. Boom!!! a big ol 23 staring right at me and it’s right outside my window!! I’m definitely where I was supposed to be  #themagicof23 #23life #23forever #portland23 #adamgarretjewelry #portlandjewelry #customjewelry  Still one of my favorites..... 14k and Pietersite  Adios California!! till next, be good to eachother  I could bitch about how shitty my move is going and how bad they fucked up, but instead I’m going to post some art from my adventures in Oakland. hope you enjoy  Found this in Oakland today:) and a ton of other new art!  An oldie but goodie:)    This was a sweet customized tag for a client... actually have a few left if someone is interested in tricking one out🤙  Who remembers this one?? @johndyergems aqua set in white gold with 18ky accents and a nice diamond set in 18ky as well. Engraved in the luminesk style created by @master_engraver I probably have then spelling wrong on then name however. Thanks for enjoying ✌#adamgarretjewelry #2019 #portlandjeweler #wegotthis #customjewelry  @pegasus_project_pdx  Some dope art here at the @pegasus_project_pdx !!  A lil sumptin I started yesterday. I’ll probably be done with it tomorrow if someone is interested in picking it up🤙  Damn!!!!  I’d buy it IF I ever had another.....    Fire boots