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Adam Garret Custom Jewelry Maker and Engraver


began his professional career in jewelry after receiving his bachelor’s degree in industrial design from The Art Institute of Colorado in Denver. Born in Santa Fe, he moved to Michigan in 2007 when he joined forces with his mother, Mary Ann Archer at her Harbor Springs store and began his total immersion in the fine art of jewelry making and hand engraving. It was the diverse disciplines that incorporate industrial design which have made it easy for him to transfer into the world of a jeweler. His natural ability and attention for detail has especially helped him become a skilled hand engraver and stone setter in a rather short span of time.
In late 2013 he moved to the Bay Area to create his own design studio and carve his own path in the jewelry world. Since his move, Adam has collaborated with other Bay Area jewelry artists creating one of a kind piece’s that are highly sought after. He has also been putting more focus on progressing his engraving and design skills, pushing the limits with his current body of work. Presently Adam enjoys designing and making unique and complex hand engraved pendants, which are hand fabricated with custom stones and often incorporate hand engraving that features 24KY gold, fine silver, copper and even palladium inlay.

“I love the design and movement that engraving offers a piece of jewelry.

It’s fluid and yet enduring and gives movement to an otherwise non moving object”.

He is also interested in bringing other design elements such as Polynesian and sacred geometry into the mix with the classic scroll and leaf patterns of centuries, to create beautiful pieces of wearable art.

Scroll Tag - Custom dog tag engraved and set by Adam Garret






 Doing tourist shit...  This was a classic piece..... I can’t remember if it was engraved in stainless or titanium but either way both are great materials to work with and will last a lifetime. I have a few stainless steel bands around sizes 9-11 available if anybody wants to get something started🤙  Something fun I made quite a few years ago. I believe it’s still for sale through my mothers gallery - @mary_ann_archer for more info Onyx with black druzy, 1ct Rodalite Garnet set in 18 karat gold and a nice 8mm pearl on an 18k post. I believe it comes with the chain as well. Cheers  Look at that pot of gold!!!!  Inspiration everywhere, you just need to open your eyes and mind!! Going to be using a bunch of new ideas in the coming months!!!  🤓  What side is your favorite?? The meteorite or the turquoise??? Just so you know I faceted that stone as one piece. These are completely handmade from start to finish by yours truly. Sterling sliver with hand engraving and 24k gold inlay and white and champagne diamonds around the meteorite:).  What a glorious day. First time I’ve ever seen Mt. Hood in person. This is gonna be my view from my studio yo!!  The viper  Portland vibes  Immense thanks to @paulbartnikdesigns for his kindness and comrodery, cause it’s looking like I’ve found a new home for my Workshop!! I’m ready Portland.... are you?? Now to find a place to live ‼️  This was a custom I did a couple years ago Utilizing my customers grandmother‘s diamond that were almost internally flawless with excellent color and cut. I added Vivid canary yellow diamonds and a Maine tourmaline! Made out of 14kX1 gold and 18 karat braided wire. when you are looking for a one of a kind piece of timeless jewelry, look no further