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Sun Stone 24k Gold

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White Diamonds

Super Scroll

Stainless Steel

24k Gold / Silver / Copper inlay

White & Blue Diamonds

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About the Artist


Adam began his professional career in jewelry after receiving his bachelor’s degree in industrial design from The Art Institute of Colorado in Denver. Born in Santa Fe, he moved to Michigan in 2007 when he joined forces with his mother, Mary Ann Archer at her Harbor Springs store and began his total immersion in the fine art of jewelry making and hand engraving.





 "Daffodil hill" this is what I get to look at every day from my workshop window, feeling blessed  Both are available  23 all day, everyday!!! Ya dig?  Still available from a private collection at an unbelievable price. You don't want to miss this for reals‼‼ dm me for new price  When you're high on L and see things you put into your work that you had no idea you even did. Top one looks like a dragon or a lion, The middle one is definitely a cat and the bottom one kind of looks like a monkey face about to get eaten with a chick screaming. Lol  ❤️❤️⚜️❤️❤️❤️  One day soon  I guess this was Fluorite and Quartz. Sweet color combo for reals  Woah guys, serious opportunity right here to purchase one of my most incredible pieces!!!! You would be helping out my client so very much to purchase this piece because him and his family experienced a house fire totaling in an almost complete loss. Therefore, he is releasing this piece with a sad heart. Please DM me for price or email me at thanks for your love and support ❤️  Damn This Fluorite is amazing! @cut_edge_gems has it going on at the #gem&jam2017 #party #notetoself #baller #fluorite  Hey what's up everyone here's an amazing opportunity to pick up a couple pieces of mine. Both were created to be a match set and the seller would like to keep it as a combo package but might be open to over-the-top offers if sold individually please DM me, do not ask me to DM you! because I won't, and I can give you a price and haggle a bit. Both pieces are made out of stainless steel with 24 karat gold inlays and silver inlays. The ring also features a black diamond and a Tsavorite Garnet. Thanks in advance and good luck‼‼‼  Sf at its finest