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Sun Stone 24k Gold

Ultra Ring

24k White Gold


White Diamonds

Super Scroll

Stainless Steel

24k Gold / Silver / Copper inlay

White & Blue Diamonds

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About the Artist


Adam began his professional career in jewelry after receiving his bachelor’s degree in industrial design from The Art Institute of Colorado in Denver. Born in Santa Fe, he moved to Michigan in 2007 when he joined forces with his mother, Mary Ann Archer at her Harbor Springs store and began his total immersion in the fine art of jewelry making and hand engraving.





 Fuck you, i love you!  @noble23 x @coreydivine = ?  Damn.... sad news to hear an artist in your field moves on. May the gems and wire gods shine bright on you as you journey fourth into stardust. RiP @soullegit  Finding inspiration almost everywhere these days. This has got to be the coolest stained-glass chandelier I've ever seen in my life. Taken from underneath🤙  Pulling mad ideas from all this old money i was privileged to see... big things on the horizon friends  Isn't this necklace that @arrow230 made just the sweetest thing  I know someone out there in Instagram land has a special someone that would love this to pieces ❤️❤️ holler for info please ✌  There's something so beautiful about diamonds and green tourmaline set in gold:) please DM me for additional information on this one-of-a-kind ring  Look what we woke up to in my moms yard!!!!! Make sure you cut your #morels #yummy #yumyumyum #cantwait4dinner  Drusy galore set in 18k. Made by yours truly. These are also available 🤗  Sometimes i make something a bit more simple:) 18k and a gorgeous pietersite cabochon with a couple 1mm diamonds and a 4mm champagne zircon. $850 chain is not included  My sister caught me at my best:)  When I was 10 and my mom took me to Mackinac Island on the ferry  Here's one for the ladies from my mothers collection, 14 kx1 white gold, designer cut .41ct Jubilant Crown diamond and hot pink spinel's .81ctstw sized to your finger! Never will need to be rhodium plated because this is the color through and through!!!! Dm for price please q  Woah, 18k & 22k Ammolite heaven created by my mother @arrow230 these one of a kind beauties are available so dm me for info please ❤️